3D Scanning Services


CQUIP’s 3D scanning services, using the Faro Focus 3D advanced technology can accurately capture As-Built conditions in any environment. ACQUIP is able to simulate components in 3D for installation purposes, as well as perform design validation and reverse-engineering. The post processing of scanned data even makes it posible to easily inspect structural deflection on complex sufaces in small spaces. 

Our 3D Scanning Services include:

  • High speed 3D advanced technology
  • Long range for easy measurement of large rotating equipment
  • Highly accurate in providing dependable results
  • Elimination of rework, which leads to cost-effective processes
  • Access to speedy data management

Our 3D Scanning Services cover:

As-Built Conditions

Performing As built surveys provides our clients value information for diverse tasks, from building reconstruction and plant layout to get enhanced data to argument issues in your facility. ACQUIP through this service can deliver fully surfaced CAD models for a variety of industries.

as-built conditions documentation
Reverse Engineering

We create a fully-surfaced 3D CAD Model of your parts for different purposes such as: part redesign, inaccurate documentation, Non-destructive testing & analysis (including structural analysis, fluid dynamic tests, finite element analysis)

Asset & Facility Management (Retrofits)

ACQUIP arrange scanning of large components on site using the FARO Focus 3D. After scanning, the data is aligned in the correct position to gather enough information to create an accurate model. Each pipe, wire, tube and fuel line are modeled, therefore engineers would know exactly where they have open space to add re-fit components.

3D Scanning Services

ACQUIP’s 3D scanning services will ensure that ship hulls and components can be digitized when original drawings are missing or inaccurate (as it is often the case with old vessels).

Upcoming legislation requires the installation of Ballast Water Treatment systems onboard all ocean-going vessels. ACQUIP can overcome challenges such as measuring the limited space in engine rooms, and capturing reliable data for the retrofitting installation process (BWT Retrofit). Also, we can provide quick and precise inspection of parts or any component during your repairs. For more information about our services for the marine industry visit us at acquip-marine.com

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Using the Faro Focus 3D we can document every phase of your building development time-to-time. Documenting your project is an important task thus you can track your building progress and compare it step by step your CAD model. This process will allow you to complete every phase on-time, prevent structural failures and costly re-work. Take advantage of the great solutions that 3D scanning services can offer you!