Video Borescope Rental

Borescope rental service from ACQUIP, meets your emergency shutdown demands!

ACQUIP, now offers industrial video borescope rental. Our borescopes combine superb ease of use with outstanding functionality. ACQUIP, industrial borescopes provide accurate inspections and allow smooth operation regardless of the user’s experience level.

Industrial customers typically have periodic requirements to inspect boilers, heat exchangers, turbines and pipes. In addition to periodic inspections, emergency requirements may arise if an unplanned shut down is caused by an industrial system and internal inspection needs to be completed before the plant is able to return to operation.

Our industrial video borescopes are perfect for inspection work where the area to be inspected is inaccessible by other means. Our borescopes can be used in the visual inspection of:

• gas turbines
• steam turbines
• diesel engines
• Pipelines
• Aero derivative Engines
• And much more!

Gas and steam turbines require particular attention because of safety and maintenance requirements!

Borescope inspection of engines can be used to prevent unnecessary maintenance, which can become extremely costly for large turbines. Our industrial video borescopes are used in manufacturing of machined or cast parts to inspect critical interior surfaces for burrs, surface finish, or complete through-holes.

Olympus Iplex SA II 3.5M Video Borescope Rental

Olympus Iplex Video Borescope Rental

GE Everest XL 3M Video Borescope Rental

GE Everest XL Video Borescope Rental