GE D11 Internal Laser Alignment

ACQUIP is offering specific services for GE D11 Steam Turbines as part of our laser alignment portfolio for Steam Turbine Internal Alignment. Our broad experience in the field with GE D11’s has helped us to easily identify and correct various problems you may find related to Turbine Alignment of this specific unit. Correcting these common issues with the GE D11 during the major outage will ensure successful startup and improved reliability of the Steam Turbine over time.

Our Team of Alignment Engineers is prepared to assist you in the field. ACQUIP uses the most current technology to provide you with the fastest and most accurate Turbine Alignment. We also provide to our clients a list of recommendations to keep your investment up and running.

ACQUIP findings during GE D11 alignment checks:

  • Excessive shell distortion has been found on some D11 units, especially on the HP/IP shell.
  • Top on Top Off laser alignment checks are the only way to accurately track the alignment change from Top on to Top off condition.The HP/IP cylinder does not always to subscribe itself to common theoretical Tops On techniques.

ACQUIP’s additional services for D11 Steam Turbines:

  • Fast and Accurate Top on Top Off alignments, in as little as 3 days start to finish for HP/IP only
  • Top Off Alignment of LP
  • Horizontal Shell Joint / Split Line Mapping to check / confirm shell distortion
  • Assist in field machining setup of horizontal joint and internal boring bars
laser tracker steam turbine alignment

GE D11 Steam Turbine Laser Alignment