Machine Train Alignment

We View Machine Train Alignment as a Whole


ur laser machine train alignment service speeds up the alignment process while still providing an excellent alignment. By viewing the alignment as a whole, we are able to decide which points can be moved the least to bring the alignment to within acceptable tolerances.

We use the most advanced and precise laser alignment equipment on the market and a wide variety of bracketing that allows us to take measurements at almost any location. Our technicians have experience on many different machines and applications. ACQUIP can quickly improve the running condition and dependability of your machines.

By using our ACQUIP SphereAction™ approach to perform a machine train alignment you will generally not encounter a bolt bound condition, the alignment will have to be performed less often; the couplings, seals, and bearings will last longer; and there will be less power loss due to useless heat transfer. Our methodology reduces costly unscheduled downtime and If alignment can be improved, machinery failure rates decrease.

We provide Machine Train Alignment services for all conventional plant machine trains:

  • Motor-Gearbox-Compressor
  • Turbine HP-Turbine LP- Generator
  • Engine-Gearbox-Pump
  • Boiler Feed Pump-Turbine-Gearbox-Booster Pump

Turbine Rotor Alignment

Once you are aligning three or more rotors you have a machine train. We take misalignment readings at each one of the couplings and look at the total misalignment for all of the rotors. Then the coupling targets are considered and the smallest bearing moves possible are calculated. This saves time in the alignment process by maximizing your tolerances.

Machine Train Alignment

Boiler Feed Pump-Turbine-Gearbox-Booster Pump

This alignment can sometimes be complicated and time consuming. Our experience allows this alignment to be performed in a relatively short amount of time with excellent results. We strive to improve operations, efficiency, and safety of your equipment
while reducing downtime and repair expenses.