Theoretical Tops On. Express Alignment


heoretical Tops On Alignment (Express Alignment) for Internal Steam Turbines from ACQUIP provides an alternative process to perform a tops on/tops off diaphragm alignment on steam turbines.

In order to accomplish an appropriate turbine alignment procedure, it is always necessary to record numerous data points and calculations. At ACQUIP, steam turbine maintenance is planned properly by using correct assembly techniques and laser alignment methods; saving time on the diaphragm alignment process and virtually having a rub-free start up.
Rotor disassembly readings, coupling alignment readings, and internal component positions are recorded at original disassembly. This method allows the shaft alignment to be considered along with the diaphragm alignment in order to reassemble the rotor into the turbine to its original position.

As found diaphragm positions are recorded as well as packing rubs, and shell deviations. All of this data is used to calculate theoretical tops on position. Only tops off data are needed thus reducing work shifts to put on and take the top off of the cylinder.

Express Alignment is a turbine alignment procedure, which is used to collect readings and theoretical data for all internal components. These readings are combined using our laser technology to attain horizontal joint deviations and out of roundness readings.

The laser alignment readings are ideal for steam turbines with both diaphragms and blade rings. The readings are also recorded on glands, oil bores and nozzles.

Since all turbine components are placed into the calculated ideal position at reassembly, master this approach saves time.

ACQUIP’s alignment engineers and our Express Alignment procedures for Internal Steam Turbines flawlessly, combine our laser alignment tooling and bracketing decreasing the length of your outage and increasing your turbine performance.