3D Scanning – Power Generation

Power plants and industrial facilities are ideally suited for 3D measurement services that ACQUIP can provide. Every day, plants across the world rely on 3D measurements to both maintain, upgrade, retrofit and repair facilities and equipment. During an outage, reducing unplanned downtime is critical and our solutions have helped many project managers achieve success.

ACQUIP’s 3D Scanning services offer the following benefits in Power Generation:

  • Save significant time and cost savings over traditional methods
  • capturing existing conditions and as-built documentation of facilities
  • eliminate rework by using virtual design analysis techniques (VDC & BIM)
  • identifying potential interferences & clash detection
  • Discrete measurement and tie-in points for pre-manufacturing
  • Asset management for verification and audit
  • Virtual Walkdowns for project planning

Our field engineers utilize the latest technology to acquire these 3D measurements that include:

  • Laser Arms
  • Laser Scanners
  • Laser Trackers

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