ACQUIP can apply 3D Laser scanning and Laser Tracker technology to the construction process. We can supplement or support your current scanning to BIM efforts. We have also used laser trackers to align mechanical components to high tolerance specifications in 3D Construction Models. We can deliver a product to suit your needs. We have experience and survey grade equipment to deliver you a point cloud or modeled data.

ACQUIP can help you quickly produce an As Built drawing. We can also 3D Laser Scan your construction process for interference and clash detection. We can deliver a virtual 3D animation or fly through to easily explain realities on the ground to management and third parties that cannot visit the work site.

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Why Choose Us?

1. We concentrate on performance and accuracy

The services we provide are focused on staying off the critical path and keeping within tolerance.

2. We specialize in rotating equipment operation

Our Clients have come to depend us for saving time without compromising safety and efficiency.

3. We continually think outside of the box to solve problems that are out of the ordinary

Our Field Service Engineers have years of experience applying fundamental principles to uncommon applications.

4. We take current technology and apply it to new and complex problems

We can evaluate your problem and develop a solution.

5. We will go anywhere at any time with no notice.

We travel worldwide for both your planned outages and last-minute emergencies.

6. We will take care of your problem

We know you don’t have time and you need this solved. We will work to understand what your expectations are, and then satisfy them.

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