ERAG / CAT Concentricity Alignment Tool

ERAG rental from ACQUIP, makes moving the instrument between two adjacent surfaces a breeze.

ERAG Turbine Alignment Tool

Micro µERAG Feature

µERAG (micro CAT) was born from the need to measure diaphragm misalignment on new turbine models with a very small radial clearances. The new head fits on a width slot 0.500″ (same as SCAT) and allows you to measure radial clearances from 0.200″ to 0.250″. Please contact us for additional information on the µERAG (micro CAT) at or call us at +1 305 538 7101.

How to Use the ERAG/CAT for my Project?

  1. Inserted into the empty packing groove, the Concentricity Alignment Tool (CAT) allows annular space variations to be displayed on a LCD display as it is pulled through the packing groove as shown.
  2. The head “rub bars” ride on the turbine shaft and the head lever arm rides on the ID of the diaphragm. As the head is pulled through the packing groove, the lever arm follows the contour of the diaphragm ID and the dimensional variation is displayed.
  3. ERAG have a main body to which there is pivotally coupled a U frame whose arms extend at an angle from its base, so that as the former is pivoted in one direction, the latter will correspondingly pivot in an opposite direction.
  4. Contact points are provided to the arms and the bottom surface of the body, and the base of the U frame is biased by a spring-loaded slidable element within the body, which in turn is connected to a transducer.
  5. An ideal way to accomplish alignment is with the rotor in place so the dimension from rotor to seal carrier can be measured directly. One of the best methods of measuring between the rotor and the carrier includes an ERAG.

For more information about the ERAG please contact us at or call us at +855 ACQUIP1 you can also learn more about our alignment services in the field visiting our projects gallery.

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