FARO Edge Arm

ACQUIP has available the FARO Arm 9ft and 12ft Arm with ScanArm option. Ask for pricing by filling out rental request.

FARO Edge Arm Rental 9ft & 12ft

Faro Edge Arm Rental
Faro ScanArm Rental

Check out FARO Arm Video Overview

Why Rent from ACQUIP?

1. Regularly Calibration Checks

ACQUIP has a superior Quality Control protocol. Every piece of equipment gets calibrated before and after each rental. Even accessories such as SMRs get checked for spherical tolerance centering.

2. Inclusive Rental Package

Rentals come complete with everything you need including computer with software, tripod, and required accessories for specific tools.

3. Reliable Logistic Service

No matter if you are overseas or domestic, ACQUIP will deliver your rental unit on time every time.

4. User Checklist and Visual Aid available

Each rental comes with a booklet with instructions for each component of the rental. This includes packing instructions for returning the unit.

5. Customer Support

Our support team can be contacted via phone or email to assist with exporting formats, printing reports, or even understanding results.

6. Accessories

We offer a variety of accessories such as specialty probes, software packages, and others to fulfill your project requirements.

7. ACQUIP Loyalty Program

Preferred customers are eligible for discounted rental rates, free upgrades (upon availability), additional accessories and much more.