Faro Laser Tracker Rental

ACQUIP has available for rental the state-of-the-art and revolutionary 3D measurement tracker systems: Faro Ion and Faro Vantage Laser Trackers.

Faro Laser Tracker Vantage Rental

faro laser tracker vantage

KinAiry Calibration Check

ACQUIP’s Total Quality Control Approach

Every Laser Tracker Shipped form ACQUIP must pass the Kinairy System NIST IR-80161 and ASME B89 Interim Calibration check. We use the Kinairy System to check every Laser Tracker before it leaves our office, it is part of our standard check out procedure. This is a rigorous NIST traceable test with a computer-generated report that also satisfies NADCAP accreditation and compliance. When you receive your Laser tracker from ACQUIP you will have documented proof that the Laser Tracker you are depending on is operating to IR-80161 and B89 designated Accuracy. You can be sure that a Laser Tracker from ACQUIP is producing accurate quality results. Whether or not you are Renting from ACQUIP, you should demand proof your laser tracker’s accuracy.

KinAiry from Brunson is the comprehensive, independent solution for laser tracker evaluation, utilizing NIST’s new Interim Field Test Procedure IR-80161 .

Faro Laser Tracker Vantage S6 Rental

faro laser tracker vantage s6

Faro Ion Laser Tracker Rental

faro laser tracker ION

Why Rent from ACQUIP?

1. Regularly Calibration Checks

ACQUIP has a superior Quality Control protocol. Every piece of equipment gets calibrated before and after each rental. Even accessories such as SMRs get checked for spherical tolerance centering.

2. Inclusive Rental Package

Rentals come complete with everything you need including computer with software, tripod, and required accessories for specific tools.

3. Reliable Logistic Service

No matter if you are overseas or domestic, ACQUIP will deliver your rental unit on time every time.

4. User Checklist and Visual Aid available

Each rental comes with a booklet with instructions for each component of the rental. This includes packing instructions for returning the unit.

5. Customer Support

Our support team can be contacted via phone or email to assist with exporting formats, printing reports, or even understanding results.

6. Accessories

We offer a variety of accessories such as specialty probes, software packages, and others to fulfill your project requirements.

7. ACQUIP Loyalty Program

Preferred customers are eligible for discounted rental rates, free upgrades (upon availability), additional accessories and much more.