Gas Turbine Alignment

With ACQUIP, the internal gas turbine alignment process is quick, cost-effective, and produces precise repeatable readings.

Internal Gas Turbine Alignment Process

ACQUIP’s laser internal gas turbine alignment process will quicken the overall inspection time and alignment procedure. The laser tracker technology and our traditional turbine alignment knowledge, work together to provide a state-of-the-art process that can complete a tops-on or tops-off alignment within a few hours. Our alignment capabilities will undoubtedly eliminate human error by microns and shin measurement data and shrink any thermal movement impact throughout the procedure.

When you apply FARO Laser Tracker internal gas turbine alignment, you get accuracy to a micron. It is achieved by measuring the approximate center of the bearings, compressor, and shroud in order to create a line for a static point of reference. Our adjustable curved surface magnetic bracketing system is employed in order to mount the FARO Tracker head, then each of the compressor sections, shrouds, or bearing brackets can be measured to ascertain the exact center position. Our proprietary tooling and bracketing can be used while the compressor blades are installed or removed.

The data points from the FARO laser tracker internal gas turbine alignment are recorded in the computer and adjusted for bearing preset conditions. Out of Roundness and Axial position for each measured location is collected concurrently during the measurement process, allowing for further analysis and troubleshooting during the alignment process. The appropriate line for the machine is then determined and executed upon.

The speed, accuracy, and effectiveness of the ACQUIP laser internal gas turbine alignment method can be applied to steam turbines of varying sizes as well. For more information about our laser alignment services using the laser tracker contact us at +1 855 ACQUIP1 or email us at

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