Flatness Measurement

Flatness measurements using laser technology is a service that ACQUIP offers alone or as a part of a package of services.

Flatness Measurement enhances machine running conditions and efficiency, ensuring a leveled foundation.

The laser measurement process is perfect to quickly measure machine foundations. In the past, flatness measuring on large surface areas required extensive work hours to guarantee precise recordings. Nowadays, flatness laser measuring instruments can provide fast and highly accurate flatness calculations on any large surface. These methods are best for turbine horizontal joints, machine beds, heat exchangers, and many other machined surfaces.

How to Measure Flatness

  • Firstly, measuring flatness is needed for recording locations and elevations of flat and level base plates, rails, or soleplates. Secondly, A graphical and numerical data report should be created to simply correct any errors in the readings.
  • Laser measurements should be taken on new installations, in order to ensure accurate positioning prior to grouting, and prevent potential foundation problems.

Laser measurements are now faster, more accurate, and easier to attain.

How to Check Flatness tolerances

  • To ensure flatness measurements are accurate, many individual points may be recorded. This allows not only elevation and level to be set or evaluated, but the flatness tolerance of an individual piece or surface may be determined as well. Also, several pads or plates, even separated by large gaps, may easily be brought to the same elevations.
  • Most machinery demands for equipment bases to be installed flat and level and at a range of elevations. Our GD&T flatness readings are taken from two parallel planes within the surface. Precise vertical adjustments are necessary to level reciprocating equipment. Laser measurement provides a way to easily and accurately establish any amount of elevations. Laser measurements may be documented at any time during the leveling process. This is particularly useful where continuous monitoring is required.
flatness measurement

Our laser measurement services provide maximum running efficiency and productivity. For more information about our flatness measurement service contact us at +1 855 ACQUIP1 or email us at info@acquip.com. We also offer equipment rentals to support your team during maintenance projects. Click here