Oil & Gas

ACQUIP knows that Oil and Gas has inherent challenges. Work is performed in remote and hard to get to locations. The environment can be extreme. There are dangers that must be considered and mitigated.

We know that timing is extremely important. When selecting a service provider to work with it is important that they know the DNA of your Oil and Gas industry.
We deliver a highly accurate comprehensive solution quickly and safely. We care about your problem and we work to help you solve it.

Our Field Service Engineers have extensive experience with turbomachinery and will use ACQUIP procedures and advanced technology to come up with the best solution. We have quickly deployed personnel and equipment to provide our services on the North Slope of Alaska and in an isolated desert in the Middle East.

You can depend on ACQUIP for:

Find out how we can help you with your next turnaround or deploy for an unplanned outage. We will go anywhere in the world at any time. Click Here to have a Solutions Engineer Contact me.

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Why Choose Us?

1. We concentrate on performance and accuracy

The services we provide are focused on staying off the critical path and keeping within tolerance.

2. We specialize in rotating equipment operation

Our Clients have come to depend us for saving time without compromising safety and efficiency.

3. We continually think outside of the box to solve problems that are out of the ordinary

Our Field Service Engineers have years of experience applying fundamental principles to uncommon applications.

4. We take current technology and apply it to new and complex problems

We can evaluate your problem and develop a solution.

5. We will go anywhere at any time with no notice

We travel worldwide for both your planned outages and last-minute emergencies.

6. We will take care of your problem

We know you don’t have time and you need this solved. We will work to understand what your expectations are, and then satisfy them.

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