Our Approach

SphereAction™ Innovative Laser Alignment Approach

Industry complexity, outages timeframe and best practices optimization have forced services firms to rethink their approach to providing products and services to their customer base. In ACQUIP Services we have adopted an innovative Rotating Equipment Alignment Process, SphereAction™ reengineering in an effort to improve our competitive position and enhance our ability to provide total client satisfaction and the most accurate laser alignment possible.

Our SphereAction™ principles are derived from 15 years of experience performing alignments on hundreds Industrial Rotating Equipment available in the industry worldwide. Our strategic alignment framework examines and adjust the congruency between ACQUIP Services strategy, business processes, best practices and client requirements. In your next outage take assertive action. Suit the action to the job and the job to SphereAction™

Our Driven Motto Philosophy

  • We have a SAFETY first approach
  • We concentrate on SCHEDULE to keep off the critical path
  • We focus on QUALITY to drive our results
  • We provide an alignment solution that delivers the lowest overall COST

Our Skills

Laser Alignment / 100%
Metrology Services / 80%
3D Scanning Services / 70%

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about ACQUIP products and services.

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