Steam Turbine Installation Pedestal Alignment Process

Steam Turbine installation pedestal Alignment

The Project Scope

This is an example of the process of applying laser tracker technology and 3D CAD software to a steam turbine installation.


Steam Turbines are required to be positioned in tight tolerances. The expected time to complete the installation is getting shorter while finding personnel with the skill set to complete the process is more difficult than ever.


When using a laser tracker and 3D CAD software the accuracy of the pedestal location is greatly increased. The quality of the installation is increased by assuring each soul plate is level and in the exact location, thus reducing the chance of rework during the installation process. Less time is required to locate the components which creates the opportunity for the project to finish early.



ocumentation and reports can be created in the CAD program that are used to locate the pedestals to the drawing. This produces a paper trail that can be used as records of the job that was performed. The alignment portion of the installation is delegated to the alignment engineers, thus allowing the project manager to focus on other tasks.

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The pictures below detail the pedestal alignment and turbine cylinder placement process.

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