Shaft Alignment

Implement Shaft Alignment for Optimum Performance

ACQUIP offers a comprehensive laser shaft alignment that is proven to eliminate the most common cause of machine vibration, making it the most effective method for coupling alignment. Proper coupling alignment increases mean time between failures, bearing and seal life, and decreases power loss.

Taking advantage of the most advanced and precise laser alignment equipment in the market, ACQUIP can quickly improve the running condition and dependability of your machines. Shaft alignment is one of the mission critical components for optimum performance.

Several companies are still applying old methods, such as piano wire or pump wire alignment, in order to perform these procedures on large rotating machinery. However, using this type of equipment can set drawbacks during your downtime. For instance, a piano wire alignment requires a long set up and can contribute to inaccuracies due to any sudden vibrations in the area. Unlike conventional methods, the laser shaft alignment performed can provide faster, easier, and more accurate results. The laser beam does not sag and can constitute a precise and uniform reference on all sorts of procedures such as motor shaft, motor coupling and bearing alignment. Our standard shaft alignment methods have demonstrated to be reliable and deliver optimal implementation on all types of industrial machines.

Performing a correct shaft alignment procedure saves time and money. Misalignment is the most common cause of machine vibration. Understanding and practicing the fundamentals of shaft alignment is the first step in reducing unnecessary vibration, reducing maintenance costs, and increasing machine uptime.

Every shaft alignment should be performed from start to finish using the same fundamental process. Once you employ this process into all shaft alignments, the average time spent on shaft alignment will go down and the quality of the laser shaft alignment will go up.

shaft alignment service

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