Steam Turbine Alignment

Fast, Effective & Accurate Steam Turbine Alignment

ACQUIP has extensive experience in steam turbine internal laser alignment. Our services engineers are extremely quick, accurate, and effective. We will reduce the margin of human error, compared to using previous practices: lead wire, ERAG, optical methods and 2D alignment technology.

When our service engineers perform steam turbine internal laser blade ring alignment, they must be accurate down to a micron. Engineers first; measure all the bores, bearings, blade rings, or diaphragms with our Faro Laser Tracker, in order to create a point of reference for each component. Later; our software system is used in order to analyze and align each of the diaphragms, glands, nozzles, oil deflectors, bearing brackets; establishing the exact center position.

Thirdly, the data points from the Faro Laser Tracker are computer recorded and adjusted for rotor sag, dynamic movement, and tops on to tops off deviation. Finally, the line for the machine is then determined and all the components are laser aligned to their correct position.

ACQUIP utilizes laser scanners to perform a diaphragm and blade ring alignment process on GE or Westinghouse Steam Turbines to guarantee precise alignment dimensions. Our steam turbine maintenance methods will repeatedly generate exact readings with a just a single mouse click. ACQUIP should be your first choice for steam turbine internal laser alignment, given our speed, accuracy and effectiveness.

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Our Services for steam turbine alignment include:

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