Dynamic Movement Studies


CQUIP knows the significance to having Thermal Growth Monitoring on large machinery aligned at hot and cold operating conditions. It is essential that machines be monitored from cold to hot operating conditions in order to properly adjust for thermal growth and determine the relative torque movements.

ACQUIP uses the most advanced laser-based alignment systems to configure your machines to reach an optimal coupling alignment target within the thermal range.

ACQUIP’s thermal growth monitoring services provide maximum running efficiency and productivity, since
It is important to have your machines aligned during running conditions.

Hot alignment checks, theoretical calculations, and manufacturer specifications are useful information provided to perform dynamic movement studies. However, this viable material does not always indicate the absolute condition monitoring process needed on the machine. Dynamic movement is due to a combination of thermal and torsional stresses introduced to the machine after start-up. This procedure is a major component when it comes to preventive maintenance. The only way to compensate for how much these forces affect your machine is to measure them accordingly.

We use a laser based monitoring system to increasingly measure the relative movement of your machine from rest to hot operating conditions. This ensures that all dynamic movement is recorded. Accurate alignment targets are reached using the hot alignment procedure.

All data is time stamped in order to correlate alignment changes to events that occur in your process. Our technicians are experts in a wide variety of machines and can accurately measure dynamic movement without damaging your machines. As a result, our condition-monitoring calculations are guaranteed to pinpoint any substantial changes to prevent failure.

We have developed procedures to perform thermal growth surveys on the following machines:

Boiler Feed Pump

The boiler feed pump, is the most common plant machine to have dynamic movement failures. It is essential to measure dynamic movement changes on every boiler feed pump in operation. Obtaining accurate alignment targets for this machine will allow it to operate more efficiently and reduce damage to the coupling, bearings, and seals.

Gas Turbine

Gas turbines move with extreme temperature changes at the exhaust end. These changes must be compensated for during alignment. We calculate this change with special processes that protect the measuring devices during the survey. The temperature change will affect your turbine but will not affect our equipment, thus enabling us to provide accurate alignment targets.

laser tracker steam turbine alignment

Our thermal growth monitoring services provide maximum running efficiency and productivity. Applying an RCM (Reliability-Centered-Maintenance) successfully will greatly increase your cost effectiveness, decrease machine downtime and provide a broader view of any potential avoidable risk.