Turbine Balance Service Vibration Monitoring


CQUIP is your expert for performing dynamic balancing service and vibration analysis on rotating parts and components. Some of the turbo machinery rotors and shafts that we provide dynamic balancing services include:

  • Pump impeller
  • Flywheel
  • Industrial fan and blower
  • Motor shaft, motor armature, and motor rotor
  • Generator rotor
  • Air compressor, gas compressor, steam turbine, and gas turbine
  • Engine crankshaft and camshaft
  • Spindle, shaft dynamic, pulley, gear, and sprocket
  • Cylinders, drums, rollers, and mandrels

ACQUIP has extensive experience performing rotor and turbine balancing services. Our broad range of turbine generator experience makes ACQUIP’s services the most specialized and responsive in the world!

ACQUIP is the expert determining vibration causes found in steam and gas turbine generators. In order to reduce the costs of down time, it is vitally important to implement dynamic balancing services on such large rotating machines. By using thorough diagnostic techniques, our field technicians are able to determine the cause of the vibration within hours; leading to the balancing of rotating equipment which improves the vibration conditions on the machine.

laser tracker steam turbine alignment

ACQUIP has engineers and technicians fully capable of collecting the required vibration data and evaluating the data it all on the field.

ACQUIP should be your quintessential rotor-balancing specialist, promising to provide you the quickest turnaround and most-reliable turbine rotor balancing services seen today.