Vibration Analysis of Turbine Generators

ACQUIP specializes in vibration analysis on turbine generator equipment.


e offer on-site vibration experts skilled in using a wide range of vibration analysis equipment, along with 24-hour emergency service.

ACQUIP utilizes optimum state of the art vibration analysis technology, for real-time vibration data collection and analysis. ACQUIP’s vibration analysis system is capable of monitoring the largest steam turbine generator in service in the world.

ACQUIP’s engineers and technicians collect the required vibration data and evaluate those numbers on the spot.

ACQUIP is the diagnostic leader in identifying vibration causes found in your steam and gas turbines, as well as in generators. We have a solid grasp of the internal assembly of gas turbines. By monitoring the vibration, we analyze the normal expansion characteristics discovered in turbines and generators. Then, we determine the binding points and misalignments that cause certain vibration patterns in a turbine assembly. On top of that, we monitor the multi-axis expansion of the turbine generator to determine misalignment, unbalance and other causes of abnormal vibration.

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