Hydro Turbine Alignment

Verify Hydro Turbine Alignment Conditions


CQUIP now provides laser alignment and 3D measurement services for hydro turbines. Our innovative approach and equipment will shorten the time of your outage and it will increase the operational efficiency in your hydro turbine.

Our 3D metrology solutions can be applied to different components inside the turbine. First, we perform the vertical hydro inspection using a portable CMM Laser Tracker. Then, the data is exported to 3D Inspection software for easy evaluation, which generates documentation of the measurements process. Our specialized metrology engineers will conduct the following to complete Hydro Turbine Alignment:

· Out-of-roundness of vertical turbine shafts
· Alignment measurements of bearing positions
· Flatness measurement of axial bearings
· Flatness measurement (GD&T) of foundations
· Straightness of the Shaft
· Static run-out

Once the evaluation and correction process is completed, a second set of readings will be performed in order to verify the new hydro turbine alignment conditions.

One of the advantages of using the Laser Tracker CMM is that it is less sensitive to background vibrations and also, it allow us to take long distance measurements. ACQUIP will achieve the accuracy and repeatable results that you need. We eliminate the difficulties that often require costly and long periods of downtime, and we will restore the reliability of your hydro turbine machine.

For more information about our Hydro Turbine Alignment contact us at +1 855 ACQUIP1 you can also email us at info@acquip.com

hydro turbine alignment

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